An abstract is a very short summary of a manuscript.

We recommend ordering an abstract if you have found a Hungarian, German or Latin manuscript and don’t know whether it is worth having the whole document translated.

When we prepare an abstract from any Hungarian, German or Latin manuscript, we will tell you

  • who has written it, 
  • to whom,
  • when, 
  • where, and
  • about what

insofar as this data appears in the manuscript. This will help you decide whether you need to have the document transcribed or translated. 

We can definitely provide you with this information for any document from the historical Kingdom of Hungary written in Hungarian, German or Latin – just fill in the order form below. For documents from other regions, please ask us before ordering.

Please be aware that in the case of handwritten documents, some parts of the document may be illegible.

In an abstract, we only give you a brief description of the topic. This service does not include a detailed translation.

The price of the abstract can be deducted from the transcription and translation fee for the same document, if you order these services within 1 week of receiving the abstract. Please choose the number of documents from the dropdown menu.

Abstracts have to be paid for in advance. Unfortunately, we cannot refund the price even if the document turns out to be irrelevant for your purposes.