Imagine you can understand all data in Latin church registers without mastering the whole Latin language!



No more

  • false data,
  • doubts, insecurity or
  • looking through several dictionaries or
  • asking everyone and helplessly searching online and offline for every single word!

We at Historia Translation really speak Latin, we studied it at university and have many years’ experience with Latin manuscripts and historical research!

With our help you can research your family history

  • without learning the whole Latin language for years
  • faster
  • correctly understanding 
  • more information about your ancestors in Latin church registers: profession, rank, death cause, place of origin – many things not provided in indexed databases. Save

We have compiled 8 thematic Latin–English glossaries for genealogists searching in Latin church registers which contain

  • 388+ Latin first names with their English equivalents
  • 64 words for family relations
  • 375 words for professions and social status or condition
  • 103 words to understand the date
  • 66 words occuring tipically in marriage registers
  • 213 words in death registers
  • 68 words in birth registers
  • 140 other words usual in church registers

That makes 1417 words alltogether in 8 separate glossaries to use for the columns of registers. We give you every usual and relevant word, so you can retrieve all your ancestors’ data from the register entries without learning the whole Latin language.

Beside the 8 thematic glossaries you will get also all the words together in one big glossary to use with paragraph form entries and a support group on facebook only for customers where we will answer your occurrent questions.

You definitely will need this if you are researching Christian ancestors, especially Catholics in Europe.

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PS. Of course, you can continue to pick up free information crumbles on the internet and in mailing lists and groups. You can continue to use classical Latin dictionaries. But how much more time will your research take? How sure can you be to have understood everything correctly?

The Genealogist's Latin-English Glossary

Let’s imagine you are on the trace of one ancestor and you have found

  • his/her birth,
  • 4 siblings,
  • the parents’ marriage before the oldest sibling’s birth,
  • the parents’ birth,

who are all Catholics in Latin church registers. This makes 8 entries. If you want to make sure you have all data and all correctly, you let someone translate them.

How much would that cost? Maybe $72 or more.

And let’s imagine you can successfully continue further on that trace…

Now these special glossaries cost only $29.90 and you have the chance to master all this yourself.

This is not like an everyday dictionary. We cut out the irrelevant words and the irrelevant meanings of the included words. 

And here is our bonus for the first 100 customers:

Q&A and support group on Facebook – just ask if you don’t find your word in our glossary!