Summarized translation of any text you have found during your research in the region of Hungary (~ Eastern Europe): history literature, printed documents or manuscripts. Source languages: Latin, German, Hungarian. Target languages: English, German, Hungarian. 

We specialize in history, genealogy, local history, archives, heraldry, numismatics, paleography, diplomatics and similar themes. 

Due to our 20 years’ translation experience  and 25 years’ genealogy research expertise, we summarize your texts in the best possible quality. You will get all relevant data (you can mark out upfront what you need) for a reduced price compared to a full translation.

For the summary of manuscripts a transcription is needed additionally, you read about that here. You can request a quote for the summary and transcription below on this site together (this is automatic if you upload a manuscript and choose summary).

If you already have a transcription for your manuscript, we can undertake its summary. However, we will always ask you to send us also a copy of the manuscript and we will proofread the transcription before summarizing. 

To see what we have translated or transcribed so far, see our site We have translated even these. For tips on paleography, Latin, genealogy and more, see our Blog

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