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We research, read and translate documents for you or enable you to do that yourself.

We get the most out even of your hard to read manuscripts.

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Let our costumers speak for us:

Judit could read entries I couldn’t. This meant a great leap for me in identifying my ancestors in church registers.

Piroska Juhász, Hungary

I got a detailed and proper transcription and translation of a patent of nobility. I am very satisfied with the quality of the work, the fast accomplishment and the fair price. Thank you!

Éva Kálmándy, Hungary

When I need an authentic and reliable translation, I always turn to Judit. She is fast, precise and fair, and above all this, she has amazing language skills. I can cordially recommend her.

Beatrix Philpott, Hungary

Why have I chosen Historia Translation? They offer cooperation on many fields in genealogy and translation and the combination of these. My experience during cooperation with them shortly: fast, precise, cooperative, ready to help.

Thank you for everything!

István Gál, Hungary

Judit has brought to the task not just the skills as a translator, helping to discern often very old and confusing penmanship but also working with comprehensive amounts of information and sifting through, translating the most important components that help advance the search and keep the costs lower. I feel she is an invested partner in this search and is a pleasure to work with. I am grateful for being connected with her and have a much better sense of my ancestry with real information and connections, thanks to Judit.

Jolinda Menendez, USA

 I couldn’t be more pleased with hiring Judit, to translate a document for me from 1580, written in Medieval Latin.  She never hesitated about her ability and was very efficient, completing the task within two weeks. Judit is very knowledgeable from her many years experience and was able to answer all of my questions, giving me a history lesson along the way. I highly recommend Judit and would not hesitate to use her services again.

Diane (Cintula) Burns, USA, Your Content Goes Here


We, Judit and István from Historia are devoted to genealogy and microhistory. We want every genealogist to possibly learn every researched person’s whole life story, not just  a name, a birth, marriage and death date and place.

There is so much more to genealogy than quickly gathering indexed data!

  • Social status

  • Death cause

  • Place of origin in the column Remarks

  • Wills

  • Contracts

  • Letters

  • Patents and investigations of nobility

If you are really interested in history you will need to look at church registers and other manuscripts.


Every genealogists should find and understand all possibly detectable data of his ancestors.

Help our clients in the way they would like it.

Done for you or do it yourself.

With our online courses we enable you to read Latin church registers – everyone can learn that much Latin!

If you need help with your research in the region of the historical Kingdom of Hungary we offer consulting and done for you research.

If you found manuscripts you can’t read we transcribe and translate them for you.




Covering topics from Latin, German and Hungarian manuscripts to heraldry, history and genealogy research.

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Topics from reading Latin, German and Hungarian manuscripts to genealogy, research and heraldry.

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