We specialize in the history of Hungary’s region, which includes parts of Austria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, the Ukraine, Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia.

No matter if you are stuck at the beginning or hit a brick wall after several years of research  – you can consult us about how to proceed to succeed most likely.

Of course, in history research there is never a guarantee for finding data, but with our guidance you can at least be sure to have looked everywhere worth it.

You can read about our research stories, tips and curiosities here in our blog.

To order consulting please scroll down to the form. Minimum amount: 2 hours. After placing your order we will contact you to make an appointment with you. We can write or talk via Skype, Messenger, Whatsapp or Viber, no matter where you live.

Before the consulting you should gather all your information (asking older relatives, gathering all documents, listing the resources where you have researched already and your questions).