These are the terms and conditions for the usage of our website and e-products.

Please only use these if you agree with these terms and conditions.


Company data:

Name: Genealogia Kft.

Seat: 2030 Érd, Folyondár u. 59.


Trade Register Nr.: 13-09-167050

Tax ID: 24765569-2-13

Registry court: Budapest Környéki Törvényszék Cégbírósága

Phone:  +36 30 9143990

Contract language: Enlgish

Webhost: Profitárhely Kft., 6000 Kecskemét, Szolnoki út 23

Automation: SalesAutopilot Kft., 1024 Budapest, Margit krt. 31-33. félemelet 4.



Babcsányi, Judit e.v.

Seat: 2030 Érd, Folyondár u. 59.


Registry Nr.: 53305983

Tax ID: 77535067-1-33

Phone:  +36 30 9143990

Contract language: Enlgish

Webhost: Profitárhely Kft., 6000 Kecskemét, Szolnoki út 23

Automation: SalesAutopilot Kft., 1024 Budapest, Margit krt. 31-33. félemelet 4.


Terms and conditions:

1.1. To issues not regulated in these Terms and conditions the EU and Hungarian laws apply to contracting parties without any reservations.

1.2. Valid: until modification.

1.3. Our website, blog and products are protected by copyright and may not be used without our permission, not even partially.

1.4. Availability: on workdays we are working 9.00-15.00 CET, we answer e-mails and Messenger messages usually within a few hours, at longest within 3 workdays.

1.5. Products and services to sell: individual services (different types of translation, consulting, research) and products (online courses, e-books)

1.6. All services and products are sold online. The prices include 27% Hungarian VAT.

1.7. In case of campaign bonuses or discounts the company informs the customer exactly about its duration of availability.


Order process

1.9. In case of fixed price products or services an order can be placed immediately through an order form in the automated system. After this you get an automatic answer and the product or we begin to accomplish the service.

For individually priced services you have to request a quote through a form. You will get an automatic notification about your message and then we will contact you via e-mail with a quote and a deadline or for further details, then you can order the service and proceed as above.

1.10. To correct or modify your order write an e-mail to

The ordering of individual services obligates you to pay in advance and we begin to accomplish it. When modifying your order, we can at maximum refund your payment proportionally to the work not accomplished  (right of termination).  Please inform us always immediately about such modifications.

1.11. Payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal.

Shipment: download, e-mail or password protected site

1.12. Working hours: 8.00-15.00 CET on workdays

1.13. If we can not accomplish the service, especially an individual service until the deadline, we will immediately inform you and negotiate with you about a refund or discount. Refunds will be transferred within 30 days from request.


Money-back guarantee for products (e-books, courses)

1.14.If you are not satisfied with our courses or e-books you can write us any time within 14 days from first download and have your full payment back.

This does not apply to individual translation, consulting and research services (see above: right of termination).

To exercise your right to the money-back guarantee write to

We will return your payment within 30 days from request without an obligatory explanation (of course we are interested in your opinion).


How to file a complaint

1.15.Write to



1.20. Our company shall cooperate with you in order to prevent disputes and shall use their best endeavours to resolve any disputes by amicable means

The Hungarian Conciliation Board of our region is Pest Megyei Békéltető Testület (

In case if a  dispute regulated in these terms and conditions can not be settled within 30 days, the parties accept the competence of the regional jurisdiction, the Budaörsi Járásbíróság in Hungary.

February 2019